Life Coaching For Musicians and Creative People
Making Space for Creativity
Are you so busy doing what you've always done that you never stop to think there might be a better way...
    Do you feel in a rut, out of condition, disorganised?
    Do you feel that you don't have enough 'me time'?
    Do you want to make some changes in your life but don't know where to start?
If the answer to any of these questions is YES read on
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About Coaching
Remember, if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got....... do something different!
About Coaching
Personal life coaching is forward focussed. It takes place in a totally confidential, non judgmental space and, through open questioning and goal setting provides a framework which helps you to get from where you are to where you really want to be more quickly than you would do on your own.
How It Works
The coaching process can help you to:
    explore what is important to you
    set realistic, manageable goals
    discover your inner strengths and dreams
    increase your awareness and unlock your potential
    identify any barriers that may be holding you back
"People are, by their very nature, creative, resourceful and whole. They are capable: capable of finding answers; capable of choosing; capable of taking action; capable of recovering when things don't go as planned; and especially capable of learning. "
Taken from: Co-active Coaching - Kimsey-House, Sandahl & Whitworth
"Kate stands above the crowd within the coaching industry where standards can vary significantly. Her integrity, passion, curiosity and professionalism ensures a quality and enjoyable experience... and most importantly, Kate gets results! Highly recommended.
James Hutchinson-Behaviour Change Specialist
"In my very first coaching session with Kate I decided we should focus on relationships.. Only two days later, after putting into action the changes I had agreed on, I landed the first date I have had for over 3 years (and we are going on a second date!) Coincidence? I don’t think so. Thank you Kate, you are amazing. "
KT Actor/Chorographer
"I analyse things quite differently now, recognising when obstacles are created by myself, when I am a people pleaser and how to be realistic about the timeframe of my goals. Kate has always been punctual, positive, caring and professional."
Angela Luzi-singer/songwriter
"Kate's pleasant and caring nature are among the key factors that enabled me to 'buy in' to her coaching style. I left every session with a renewed sense of purpose and full of positivity. ...her personality and questioning style made it very easy to discuss matters in an open and honest way with her.. I cannot stress enough how much these sessions have helped me in my day to day life."
Jay Poynts Business Manager
"...during the sessions I was confident in you while at the same time, thanks to your support I gained confidence in me myself as an agent of change."
Boyko Boev - Media Project Consultant and Chair of London Bulgarian Association
"My coach sessions with Kate have been very illuminating regarding how to find the responses to my own issues from my previous experiences and knowledge. I have acquired very important tools to tackle simple daily tasks and commitments through proper planning and self-assessment, understanding what best works for me and how to develop my full potential. I see coaching as a very powerful technique to help to rediscover and reinvent yourself."
Alvaro Gomez - Spanish Teacher
"The outcome of Kate's help was a total turnaround, from me thinking of closing the business and having to move, to now having done more business in the past quarter than the entirety of last year."
Ivor Andrews - Business owner and entrepreneur.
What is a life coach?
The short answer is: someone who helps you focus on getting out of life what is important to you and gives you the tools to keep doing this long after your final session.
How is life coaching different from counselling?
A typical counselling session will deal with emotions and issues in the past affecting the present, whereas the coaching relationship is future focussed and looks at what you really want to be, do or have, ultimately helping you to achieve greater happiness. They are similar in the sense that both counsellors and coaches ask the client questions, sometimes requiring a lot of soul-searching. Neither a counsellor nor a coach will give advice but they will listen to what you say and direct the conversation with further pertinent questions.
How many sessions will I need?
Some people hire a life coach once every few months, some people have a session once a week. This depends on what you want to achieve with your coaching. You may come to a Personal Coach with a life changing goal in mind, because you have smaller issues or just because you want to make some changes in your life. It is a personal decision based on your individual goals and is entirely up to you to decide but I would suggest a minimum of 4-6 session.
What will I have to do?
To get the best from Life Coaching, you need to:
    Have a positive attitude towards the achievement of your goal
    be totally open, trusting and honest within the coaching relationship
    be committed to completing the actions that you will set yourself at the end of each session
These actions will help you move you closer to your overall goal. Ultimately your level of commitment will directly influence the speed and extent to which your goals will be realised and this all takes place within a confidential and non-judgemental environment where you have the freedom to explore all possibilities
What sort of people have a Personal Life Coach?
From my experience every type of individual will come to me for coaching. The only characteristics these people have in common is the desire to change part of their life so they are happier, and the realisation that they will stay focussed and get there quicker with the support of a coach.
About Kate
I studied at the Royal College of Music and worked as a freelance cellist for around 10 years before moving into working in the record industry with my partner. I went on to co-own several successful independent record labels, managing the companies, musicians and artists and raised two beautiful children - both musically talented - without stopping to take a breath! One is now working as a musician, writer and producer and the other is a successful media and entertainment lawyer (always useful!) ...AND somewhere in the middle we built a professional recording studio in Asia!
I became very good at problem solving, logistics and time management for other people, however balance was not something I had much of in my own life back then!
I have seen the creative mind in action and also experienced and witnessed what happens when 'life' throws stuff at us either expected or unexpected, stopping us from living the life we want and deserve.
A few years ago I reached a point where I needed a change and to do something for me - know the feeling...?
I began studying life coaching with the Coaching Academy in London and almost immediately it helped me to gain a better perspective on my own life and experiencing firsthand the power of setting goals through the coaching process. Realising how, using this process, I could help other musicians and creative people to create more space and order in their lives, my mission became to set up a business for that very purpose.
Life is all about balance, and getting that balance between work and play, business and relationships is important to us all. I can help you to make space to create order in your life and take away much of the stress that is created by all that 'stuff to do' which in turn will allow your life as a creative artist not just to 'work' but to flourish.
I work with clients both artistic/creative and business minded. In 2015 I set up a coaching programme at the BRIT School for Performing Arts in Croydon and I work with the Amy Winehouse Foundation with women aged 18-30 who have been through rehab and are ready to move on in their lives.
I also have private clients both in and out of the music business.
I love what I do and how people can find their motivation to change their lives for the better once they find out what it is they really really want.
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